Dra. Ana María del Pilar Garcia.

Médica - Psicóloga
Clínica Médica

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1.- Personal Information:

Name: Ana María del Pilar García
Nationality: Argentine
Professional Address: Avenida Directorio 3457 – C1407HFB, Buenos Aires – Argentina - Telephone.: (54) 11 4611-1599

2.- Degrees:

Master´s Degree in Psychology: Graduate at Universidad Argentina J.F. Kennedy, November 1975.
Physician: Graduated on December 22, 1982 at Faculty of Medical Sciences, U.B.A.

3.- Background in Investigation and Studies Performed in Medical Psychology

1979: Brief Therapies in collaboration with Dr J. Díaz Walker. Gral. San Martín Hospital, U.B.A.
Primeras Workshops on Children and Families at del Salvador
Group admission into the Service of Child Psychopathology,
Gral. San Martín Hospital.
4.- Investigations and Work done in the area of medicine & Congresses; Symposiums
1990: Work with application of ultra weak electromagnetic fields in
depression, Vascular Brain Strokes, psoriasis, venous insufficiency, diabetic foot, benign prostatic hypertrophy.
1992: Argentine Congress on Alternative Therapies - Active participation in workshops.
1994: First International Symposium on Alternative Therapies - Keynote Speaker on - Quantum Field Applied to Medicine.
1994: Clinical Investigations with medical devices of weak
electromagnetic fields (Quantum Field System) at Durand Hospital and at the Clinic I direct. Preliminary work with 140 patients with arthrosis (1992) is studied.
The System was authorized by Public Health, by A.N.M.A.T. and
by the Faculty of Medicine of Buenos Aires (U.B.A.).

1997: Appointment as Active Member of Ortomolecular Medicine.
2000: Third International congress on Traditional and Bioenergetic
Medicines, Cuba - Holguin.
Participation in Workshops on:

Segmentary Massage in Spine Affections.
Neurophocal Therapy.
Valkican Therapy.
Certificate issued by Faculty of Medical Sciences and Public Health.
2000: First International Symposium of Biological Medicines
(Fundabio - Córdoba, Argentina)
2000: First Latin American Symposium on Peptides, Natural Therapies - 18 hours of lecture room participation.
2000: First Latin American Symposium on Peptides, Natural Therapies - Neurophocal Therapy - 6 hours of lecture room participation.

5.- Hospital and Public Health Background

Attending Psychologist - Evolutionary Psychology Sector - Class on Medical Psychology at Gral. San Martín Hospital, U.B.A.
Physician of the Service of Medical Psychology at Gral. San Martín Hospital.

6.- Courses and Events

1975: Updating on Epilepsy - J.F. Kennedy Argentine University.
1976: Diagnostic Play time - Gral. J. De San Martín Hospital.
1976: Anthropology and Psychology - U.B.A.
1976: Organicity - U.B.A.
1976: Psychiatric Therapy - U.B.A.
1976: Introduction to Child Psychiatry.
1983: Regular Member at the First International Workshop on Medical Psychology at Gral. San Martín School Hospital - U.B.A.
1983: Fifth National Symposium on Social Pediatrics held by the
Argentine Society of Pediatrics
1984: Regular member of the First Argentine Congress on Medical
Psychology - Linking Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.
1984: Regular Member of the First Argentine-Brazilian Symposium on Medical Psychology.
7.- Background in Teaching
1983-1984: Second Aid in the Class on Medical Psychology, Faculty of Medicine- U.B.A.
1984-1985: First Aid in the Class on Medical Psychology, Faculty of Medicine - U.B.A.