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The Quantum revolution brought about an inevitable change in the way the
world was looked at and this revolution showed that infinite quantum fields
connect everything that surrounds us. These fields constitute the matter
that is known in the universe; therefore, human beings cannot but be part of this.

A century ago scientists made accelerated progress in the knowledge of the structure of matter and came to understand the behavior of the atom.

Research made by great physicists such as H. Fricolich (development of
systems of energy pumping), Fritz Popp (discovery of biophotons at the level of cell membranes), Illia Prigogine (development of entropy in live and
non-live systems), further experiences carried out in the United States,
Ukraine and Russia made the development of the technology of the QUANTUM FIELD SYSTEM possible. The incorporation of this system in my everyday dealing with people who suffer from different pathologies enabled me to understand the patient as a functional entity thus allowing me to reach his/her innermost being.

At every step I observed with greater amazement that not only did external agents alter our body functions. The constant aggressions that human beings suffer because of the social and emotional demands of their ecosystem do so, too.

All of the above highlighted for me the importance of the studies made on
the mechanism of neurotransmitters that operate in our bodies as
- communicating molecules - touching the very life of the cell.

So I understand - illness - as a dysfunction that the physician must analyze in a global and not a determinist manner.

Through the Quantum Field System we are able to solve functional problems by a spatial reordering of the subatomic particles, which are a consequence of the different dysfunctions.

The system generates an order in response to the emission of interactive
fields; then, the very organism is enabled t find its own defense mechanism.

The system is a configuration of sensors that emit fields capable of
transforming altered functions with no direct contact and with no aggression to the body.

The patient is placed on a bed or stretcher to which the system is connected and it is the physician after done his/her diagnostic the one who will apply the adequate technique for each pathology.

It will be the task of the physician to analyze the - real - origin of the disease and the doctor must always consider the patient in
his/her totality trying to capture the patient´s basic personality
structure, his/her objectives, projects, meaning of life, eating habits,
afflictions and work and family relationships.

From the very moment that the patient lies on the bed/stretcher, the system will start generating and exchanging with him/her the ultra subtle fields (primary functions of the organism) changing in this way the conditions of high entropy (a tendency towards chaos) into low entropy.

Its application will modify the alterations brought about at the level of
polar charges in the cells bringing the information flow of the cells back
to normality by means of the cellular membrane righting the flow of
biophotons (which are in charge of providing energy for the new

This means that the system does not transfer energy; it interacts very
subtly with the matter. Therefore, the connection will also be at the level
of the biological and metabolic functions of the organism.

Through this defined order, which has direction and meaning, a migration by affinity between the respective atomic structures will be caused, in this
way breaking the original unbalance or lack of equilibrium.

The application of the system does not present secondary effects nor does it have contraindications. This has been tested through works of investigation done in public and private entities. These investigations have been both highly efficient and totally safe.

The system does not emit either ionizing or non-ionizing radiations nor does it have limitations due to the age of the patients.

To synthesize, the development of the technology of the Quantum Field is
aimed at allowing human beings to have access to a better quality of life,
to develop in harmony with themselves and their environment strengthening those natural conditions that are more apt to aid them in resolving circumstances of their every-day-life in a more efficacious way.